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Welcome to Hens on Oxney

We sell beautiful point of lay hybrids and a selection of pure breed point of lay hens. We also breed our own rare breeds including the very rare Silver Deathlayers, Groninger Meeuwen bantams, Bresse de Gauloise, Swedish Flower Hens, Silverudds Blå, Hedemora, Ayam Ketawa (Indonesian Laughing Chicken) and Cream Legbars. We sell these as chicks, growers and point of lay during the season and can supply hatching eggs during spring and summer months.


We love our happy chickens and happy customers - If you need any advice either before or after buying, get in contact and we'll be happy to help.

Hens on Oxney is owned and run by Kate, who has been breeding poultry for over 15 years. Kate’s main passion is acquiring and breeding very rare breeds of chickens.

Seasonal birds for sale

In season we have both Golden Giant and Celadon quail available. Golden Giants are slightly larger and calmer than regular Coturnix and lay larger speckled eggs. We also have Wrolstad Bronze turkey poults available during July.

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Chicks for sale

Our parent stock is from Jill Rees lines, one of the best quality lines in the country. From April onwards we always have Cream Legbar chicks available. We will also have a selection of our rare breed chicks available throughout the season. SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2023

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dual purpose birds

THE Bresse de Galouise , a traditional French breed, is very popular in France as the hens are good layers and the meat is renowned for its flavour.

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We sell hybrid hens and breed our own Silver Deathlayers, Cream Legbars, Swedish Flower Hens, Groninger Meeuwen bantams, Ayam Ketawa, Pita Pintas, Silverudds Bla and Bresse. We also have a group of rare breed Hedemora and enormous Indio Gigante which we are breeding this year

Octagonal Egg Boxes

How to elevate the gift of eggs to another level! Filled with a colourful selection of eggs this would make a fabulous Christmas gift or perfect for a teachers present! Not only for eggs, these would be perfect for home made chocolates or arts and crafts.

We have ordered these boxes from the US and hope that they will arrive by the end of October

Hatching Eggs

When available we will be selling Bresse de Galouise hatching eggs - subscribe to our newsletter to receive alerts.

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hens on oxney news

Aug 19, 2022

Help! My Hen is Moulting!

Read our seasonal blog post about how to help moulting hens.

Jan 29, 2022

Silkies and Pekin Bantams available

There are still a few Silkies and Pekin Bantams available. Most have just started laying. These are the last pure br...

Jan 29, 2022

Rare breed hatching eggs coming in February

I'll have some hatching eggs available in the next couple of weeks. Gold Groninger Meeuwen and Swedish Flower Hen (i...
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