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Eat.Art Barbecue Smokehouse Flame and Flavour BBQ Rub Set - 8 Unique Smoked Spice Selection Box - Unusual Fathers Day Cooking Gifts - For Gourmet Foodies Smokey Sunday Roast Spices

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  • GET EXCITED FOR TASTY SMOKED SPICES Create hassle free mouth-watering smoky meals any day of the week, tantalize those taste-buds and be prepared for compliments by adding that special smoky taste to any dish.
  • COOK TO IMPRESS – You don’t need to be a master chef to cook great meals, this smoked spice selection box is perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with smoking meats and vegetables, a collection of 8 varieties making it a versatile range that will add culinary magic to any vegan, vegetarian, meat or fish dish
  • FRESH FLAVOUR AND DELICIOUS AROMAS – This smoked spice set is stored in glass tubes to retain the fresh flavours and aromas and, just like top chefs only cook with the best ingredients, you will also be able to delight your taste-buds and give them a punch of flavour
  • NO MORE SPICE CUPBOARD MAYHEM – These spices are easily stored in the slide carton which doesn’t take up much space and is easy to retrieve when needed, keeping you organised
  • RECIPE IDEAS PRINTED ON THE BOX each smoked spice comes with simple food pairing ideas to get the best results and set you on your way. Enjoy!
  • FOR THE LOVE OF SPICE - for the experimental mum or dad who loves to be creative with the grill or in the kitchen, whipping up delicious foods for the family to enjoy and taking them on a food tasting adventure around the world, the ultimate Christmas or Birthday grilling spice set for specials who deserve to be celebrated with love
  • FEED YOUR HEART AND SOUL FATHERS DAY GIFT - we believe that great design feeds the heart as much as delicious food feeds the soul making this the ultimate Christmas or Birthday gift
  • SPEAK TO A PERSON’S PASSIONS – Spice Gift Sets provide you the opportunity to gift someone an experience that speaks to their passions for those keen to grow their knowledge of flavour, cooking and world cuisine. The packaging and exquisite artwork adds a further layer of intrigue with innovative and eye-catching designs. Makes a pretty cool gift.

Details: Product description If you are looking for spices that will delight your taste-buds, then you have come to the right place! This set of 8 wonderful smoked spices range from a subtle delicacy to savoury pepper punch from unusual places around the world to give you a unique culinary experience. Go ahead and spice up your next dish with this delicious addition to your spice rack. This unique collection of original smokehouse spices includes some very popular spices including: **Carolina Smokehouse Spice – A Southern inspired blend with a paprika punch with subtle smokey undertones perfect for red meats and chicken on the grill or barbecue **Smoked Garlic Spice – Garlic sweetens when cooked and with heady notes of smoke this gives depth to any dish and compliments Italian flare such as pizza and pasta **Holy Smoke Spice – Sweet, savoury and smoky …the most flavoursome aromatic barbecue rub blend great on sticky ribs **Applewood Smoked Salt – Cold smoked the traditional artisanal way and adds earthy smoked flavour and aroma to any dish **Iberican Rub – The smokiness of paprika provides an earthy heat coupled with thyme and garlic and compliments the rich flavours of pork **Smoked Black Peppercorns – Use as a finishing spice over a variety of dishes to add a smoky taste and complexity **Smoked Chilli Flakes – Provides a burst of heat with subtle earthy undertones of smoke and wood infused with flavour **Sweet and Smoky Spice – This deliciously smoky blend provides an interesting addition to sticky sauces such as sweet chilli relish or pineapple EXPECT TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY YOU COOK This premium selection makes a great culinary gift for spice connoisseur foodies, adding a pinch of this and a pinch of that and WAH-LAH perfection! ** ULTIMATE CULINARY TREAT and comes in a beautiful elegant printed gift pack with slide out tray Ingredients Carolina Smokehouse Spice, Smoked Garlic Spice, Holy Smoke Spice, Applewood Smoked Salt, Iberican Rub, Smoke Black Peppercorns, Smoked Chilli Flakes, Sweet and Smoky Spice Directions Do not use directly over steaming pots. Legal Disclaimer Due to the volume and density of individual spices, actual weight will vary. For example, 2 pounds of salt fit in a one-pound container because it is a heavy spice, while far less peppercorns will fit due to its light airy qualities. Actual weights are declared per tube of product.

EAN: 6009686792166

Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 10.3 x 2.6 inches

Languages: English, German, French

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